Music Producer, DJ, Coach

SVETTI is a Los Angeles and New York-based sound artist, specializing in DJ-ing and music production. Her DJ-roots go back over a decade and stem from the European-influenced electronic music scene, which has evolved with the inspiration of Detroit’s soul and UK breakbeat. These eclectic influences can be heard in her DJ sets, which are a self-assured combination of groovy, energetic house, disco, and break-beats. What you end up with is something that’s irresistibly familiar, yet impossibly fresh.

With over 14 years of experience, SVETTI is enthusiastic to teach and help you to reach your goal in music and DJing. She’s been playing in world-renowned clubs in NYC and, now she lives by her passions in life which are producing, performing and teaching. She can find an approach to anyone, from a newbie to a Grammy Award winning producer.

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